Cappo Health, a Florida limited liability company, is the industry leader in on-site cardiovascular diagnostic testing for athletic programs and physicians.
Cappo Health (CH) modernized the healthcare industry through a revolutionary diagnostic testing model when it comes to cardiovascular health. CH provides physicians with high quality and state-of-the-art cardiovascular testing performed on site at physician offices nationwide. CH’s in-office testing is used to detect circulatory conditions and cardiac abnormalities using vascular ultrasound and echocardiography.

Created out of the demand for a comprehensive on-site cardiovascular testing program for colleges and universities, CH brings on-site cardiac testing and vascular ultrasound to schools and facilities across the country. CH tests students and athletes between the ages of 12-25 for underlying vascular conditions and for unsuspected cardiac abnormalities to help minimize sudden cardiac death among young athletes.

On Site Cardiovascular Testing

We are committed to working with schools and physicians across the country to protect the cardiovascular health of young athletes and patients. Being proactive in identifying dangerous conditions that affect one’s health is something we strongly believe in. Early detection is the best prevention!